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Why an English teacher is not a proofreader

If there’s anything more frustrating than reading something that’s full of errors, it’s being told that it was proofread by ‘a friend who’s good at English’, or ‘Joe down the road who’s an English teacher’. Recently, this frustration has been escalated by seeing, on social media, the cover of a self-published book with numerous errors… Continue Reading

Wordhouse – a woman (and her dog) go global

In deepest rural Ireland, a woman on her own has developed a micro business that is securing some notable clients from around the world — and business is booming. Wordhouse, started by Gill Pavey in 2011, offers proofreading, editing and copywriting services. Add to that the specialist area of localisation with the concept of a… Continue Reading

Proofreading – pain or gain?

Some people are funny when it comes to proofreading. I’ve had some say they don’t need it because they are (a) an English teacher (b) already publishing on Amazon or (c) capable of writing in perfect English, so what’s the point? The points (plural) are these. NOBODY can proofread their own work. NOBODY is as… Continue Reading

Is Excellence a Dirty Word?

Over the years I have spent too much time spent fixing problems that other people/businesses have caused. Yes, mistakes happen but I sometimes wonder if the concept of excellence has lost ground in recent times to the point that I am cheered and delighted when I find examples of it, instead of expecting it as… Continue Reading