Proofreading & Copy-editing

Professional Proofreading Services

Proofreading Services

Spelling and grammatical errors letting you down? Not sure where to use a comma or a colon? This is where professional proofreading comes in.

Based in Ireland, I have clients across the globe and I’m just an email away. You can be assured of the highest level of quality you’ll only get from a professional proofreader. I am proud to be a full member of the Association of Freelance Editors, Proofreaders and Indexers in Ireland.

What is proofreading?

Proofreading – what is it? It’s polishing your writing so the reader is not distracted by errors of spelling, grammar and punctuation. It’s the quality control that commercial publishers use.

Who uses proofreading services?

Professional proofreaders work with a wide range of different clients. Wordhouse is used by:

  • publishers
  • companies, NGOs and small businesses
  • writers of non-fiction
  • translation agencies
  • copywriters, including web content writers
  • academic authors

In fact, almost anyone who produces written words needs a proofreader. This is especially true for those with English as a second language where Wordhouse is gaining an international reputation. Email your proofreading enquiry and I’ll be glad to discuss your project. I can work with MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint, or PDF documents, in UK or US English.

Why use a proofreader?

Why do you need a proofreader when there’s spelling and grammar check facility on your computer?
Quite simply, because that won’t catch everything and in fact, for some words it’s incorrect. It won’t pick up the differences between ‘there’ ‘their’ and ‘they’re’. Your spellchecker won’t tell you that you have the wrong word entirely (for example, ‘wary’ instead of ‘weary’, or ‘diary’ instead of ‘dairy’). It may tell you a spelling is wrong, when in fact it is right – or vice versa. The one I use is confused over the correct use of ‘its’ and ‘it’s’.

Bloggers – have your blog proofread, and it will be read and shared by more of the right people; your next customers. Using a freelance proofreader will reduce those online negative comments that pick out all the mistakes and don’t mention the content.

Writers – whether commercially or self-published, proofreading can make all the difference. It can affect acceptance, success and ultimately sales. The market is overcrowded so give your manuscript the best chance by using a professional proofreader.

Small businesses – a proofreader will make sure that your image is protected and enhanced by producing error-free documents. This could be anything from presentation material to restaurant menus if that’s what you do. Anything, in fact, that others will read so you look like you mean business!

Academic authors – publication of books, or papers in journals, is becoming more competitive. Give your research paper or book a better chance of acceptance by submitting a document with the highest standard of spelling, grammar and punctuation.

‘Virtual’ and hybrid services

 For companies and NGOs, I can offer virtual proofreading – frequent, short documents that can be turned round in less than an hour at no notice. Or there’s the new hybrid service – you might need more than just proofreading or you’re not sure which service is appropriate.

Email me to discuss your project.

Freelance Copy-editing Services

Copy Editing Services

When you need a skilled and experienced freelance copy-editor – step into the Wordhouse. I am a member of the Association of Freelance Editors, Proofreaders and Indexers so you can be confident of my professional skill and great service when you commission copy-editing services.

Send me your copy-editing enquiry in an email and I’ll get straight back to you. Whatever day of the week it is. And it won’t cost you anything to ask.

Copy-editing – what is it?

Sometimes proofreading – the correction of spelling, punctuation and grammar – is not enough. Copy-editing goes a step further. Perhaps a more appropriate word would improve the meaning or clarity of the sentence, or smooth out a phrase when the flow is jerky. Academic work in particular demands exacting standards; books and training materials should all be to a similar high quality.

This is where copy-editing comes in.

What’s included in Wordhouse’s copy-editing services?

Typical copy-editing work may include:

  • amending the length of sentences and paragraphs
  • replacing informal/slang words where these are not appropriate, especially in academic texts
  • deleting unwanted commas, exclamation marks and capitalisation
  • Changing headings and subheadings to ensure accuracy and consistency
  • Changing the line spacing, font and point size, to meet specified requirements e.g. so that presentation material for training can be easily read by the class.
  • Copy-editing will also attend to spelling, grammar and punctuation along the way.

I can work in MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint, or PDF files, in UK or US English.

Want to know more? Email me to discuss your copy-editing requirements.

Who uses copy-editing services?

Copy-editing for translation companies – this is a popular area for Wordhouse. For example, a company in central Europe has a branch in the US but is told the material translated into English on their website is not all it should be. We’ve all seen translated instructions on appliances and flat-pack furniture! Whether it’s for UK or US English, pass it to the right copy-editor and it will sound like it was written by a native speaker. Web copy, annual reports, marketing material and internal communications are just a few examples of what a good copy-editor can polish for you and localise it – adapt it linguistically for your target audience.

Copy-editing for academics – research papers might be in an unsuitable style, use an inconsistent referencing system or be the wrong length. There are usually particular issues with translated or ESL-authored academic material. Using a professional copy-editor will ensure your book or journal paper is produced to the highest standard, in accordance with your (proposed) publisher’s style guide.

An author may not realise there are inconsistencies in their manuscript. For example, ‘co-operate’ is used in chapter 2, but ‘cooperate’ is used in chapter 7. Capitalisation may also be inconsistent and indeed, while we’re on that word – is it consistently ‘-isa …’ or ‘-iza …’? Using Wordhouse’s copy-editing service, you can be assured your work is free from these problems. Other errors could be titles of chapters in the main part of the book which are not the same as on the contents page. Yes, I’ve seen it! Make sure your professionalism stands out – commission a copy-editor! Recent books that Wordhouse has copy-edited have been on such diverse topics as quantum physics, green energy, animated film production and computing.

Here are just two testimonials:

“It has been a pleasure to have my manuscript edited by Gill. She offered a timely, thorough service and I am looking forward to working with her again!”

Dr Jelena Dzankic, author Citizenship in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro – Effects of Statehood and Identity Challenges.
Florence, Italy.

“I strongly recommend Gill Pavey to any potential author intending to write and produce a book for general readership, or for specialised readership. The quality of her work is of the highest order ensuring phraseology and language accuracy, layout and appropriate referencing. I recommend her highly without reservation.”

Dr Thomas D’Arcy, Author “The Sport Spectator – a Post Modern Perspective”, Co Carlow.

Copy-editing for business – is your written training material pitched at the right level for your audience in terms of writing style and word choice? Does the font, size and spacing make it easy to read? Your audience will appreciate it. Using an experienced copy-editor to check your materials will make your training easier and more professional. What about your company reports, and reports to shareholders? Tender documents that might bring you that big contract? Does the standard of English correctly reflect your professional image?

‘Virtual’ and hybrid services

For companies and NGOs, I can offer virtual language editing – frequent, short documents that can be turned round in less than an hour at no notice. Or there’s the new hybrid service – you might need more than just copy-editing, say, or you’re not sure which service is appropriate.

I provide a flexible, tailored solution to meet your particular needs so email your copy-editing enquiry here.