Corporate & NGO Services

There are well-defined differences between proofreading, copy-editing and copywriting. Often, these can’t be bundled without involving more than one service provider. But if you’re a company/NGO, you probably don’t much care about the distinctions – you want a result for your project, and that might involve two or all three elements.

Say hello to a new kind of service

One price fixed in advance, flexible availability and the result you want in one seamless delivery.

Developed in collaboration with two SMEs in central Europe, the hybrid service gives you maximum flexibility and straightforward budgeting. You define the result, and Wordhouse delivers.*

What would you like?

It all starts with your brief. The copywriting element in particular requires listening to needs, wishes and ‘must-haves’. This could be a simple ‘please jazz it up’ to an existing text, to ‘here are some brochures and web links to our products, please write the homepage from scratch.’ Copy-editing might involve improving word choices, sentence length for better readability, consistency or ensuring an appropriate ‘voice’. Proofreading is the icing on the cake – the quality control, and Wordhouse works with your style guide to the letter. Wordhouse normally works in MS Word using track changes, but can also work on PDF or PowerPoint files.

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Examples and exclusions

Whatever the proportions of the mix, whether for two or three of the elements, it’s all one job. You tell us what you want, and we deliver.* However, remember this is limited to proofreading, copy-editing and copywriting – it does not include allied services such as indexing, fact checking, research or permissions. Also, we don’t manage your project for you. Here are some examples of what people have asked for:

Sample extract, brief 1:

We’ve translated this job vacancy into English but it’s not perfect, and we want it in US English, not UK. We also need the text to be more upbeat and catchy – we want it to sound like it’s exciting to work for our company so we attract the best applicants.

Sample extract, brief 2:

We want to rewrite the home page for our company website. It has to be shorter and hold the interest of the reader better. It also needs to be understandable by visitors to the website who don’t have much technical knowledge. Some text may be better on a new page, or moved to an existing one.

Sample extract, brief 3:

This is a tender for a major contract. Please ensure all requirements in the attached guidelines are addressed, and could you please tidy up the formatting. Everything we have input must be thoroughly checked for UK English. Please also supply a style sheet.

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*Material that is considered to be unsuitable (e.g. ‘adult’ content), illegal, unethical or likely to cause offence will not be accepted.

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