Academic Services

Academic services – what does that cover?

Are you an academic author? Do you write journal papers or books, or edit multi-authored books on your subject? I can help you by polishing the English (UK or US) in your manuscript to the highest standard, to reduce the risk of rejection by the publisher and to make the submission process go as smoothly as possible.

I no longer deal with students’ work, but there are proofreaders who will do this – take a look here (for Ireland) or here (for the UK).

Journal papers

Have you had your journal paper rejected with a recommendation that you have it professionally proofread? Are you a non-native English speaker who would like to be sure that the English in the paper is error-free before submission? I can help.

Not only will your paper be proofread (spelling, grammar and punctuation), but all references will be checked for consistency with the required style, and for ‘author/date’ styles (e.g. APA), citations will be checked off to ensure that each citation has a matching reference, and vice versa. Similarly, for a numbered citation style (e.g. Vancouver), I will check that all numbers are present and are all detailed in the references. I will also check that the text style complies with the prospective journal’s guidelines, if available.

I am currently part of the team at SMC Media – EJCRIM (Milan, Italy), and have been working with several translation agencies in the Netherlands and Lithuania for a number of years on journal papers.

Send me an email and attach your paper (as a Word document) so I give you a no-obligation, fixed-price quote and turnaround time.


Perhaps you are writing a book, or editing a multi-authored book. In any case, if you want the best chance of having it accepted by an academic publisher, you will need to have it professionally proofread. This can only be done when the manuscript is finished as it is the last stage before submission. Some authors submit a manuscript ‘proofread by a colleague’ and are disappointed when it is rejected for the quality of the English, which delays the process. Please note that for multi-authored books, I do not work on individual chapters, but the whole book, to ensure consistency.

My work on books comes from existing clients and Cambridge Scholars Publishing (CSP), UK, where I am on the proofreading team. I have worked on more than 30 titles to date for CSP, including:

  • A History of Cardiac Surgery, Ugo Filippo Tesler details here
  • Doxastic Dialectics, Rodica Amel details here
  • The Hermeneutical Turn in Semiotics, Rodica Amel details here
  • Essential Comparative Anatomy, Zakharkiv Yuri Fedorovich details here

Send me an email and your manuscript (as a Word document) to discuss your requirements, with no obligation.