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Proofreading, copy-editing and copywriting are an essential part of maintaining your professional or academic image. Are you a non-fiction author wanting to give the very best impression with your work? Is English a second language for you and you want it to be correct? Perhaps you are in business and need to produce top-class reports or presentations? Let me help with:

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Proofreading means no more worrying about gremlins or missed typos in your writing, those little errors that seem to be invisible. Such errors could distract your reader from fully appreciating the quality of your writing or the message you are conveying. Sit back and relax while your work is closely scrutinised and those niggles are eliminated.

Wherever you are, you can benefit from a tailored service to ensure the text in your documents is the best it can be. If you opt for copy-editing, you can also be confident that your text flows properly and the most appropriate word choices have been made. Additional small services are available if needed such as formatting or creating a table of contents. For copywriting, let your words grab the reader’s attention and turn them into a customer! Now you can discuss collaborations for projects and a hybrid service. Wordhouse has been involved in a number of tenders and will discuss collaborative projects with various organisations such as web designers, translators, printers, academic and research institutions. A tailored, seamless extension to your existing services, which might involve any combination of the three basic services in one project! Send to start the discussion.

Here’s the latest testimonial from a distinguished client:

“I asked Gill to proofread my book “Economic Strategies in Times of Crisis: Builders of The New World”. I am really impressed by her expertise and promptitude.  I was lucky to meet such a good professional who helped me so much.”

Marius Stoicescu

With clients across Europe, the US and Asia as well as Ireland and the UK, Wordhouse offers a first-rate service usually with fast turnaround. Work can be undertaken in UK or US English, using the appropriate references for each such as the Oxford Dictionary series, Merriam-Webster and the Chicago Manual of Style. Specific style guides are applied to the letter. Documents can be submitted in MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint, or PDF files.

Gill is a member of the Association for Freelance Editors, Proofreaders and Indexers in Ireland (

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