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Polly and Friends: Unwanted …

This is the first extract from my award-winning book “Polly and Friends”.

When I worked on rescue the reasons why a dog was unwanted were many and varied, the saddest were where one person in the family was closely bonded with the dog, but the partner or other family member insisted that the dog was a nuisance, wicked, bad mannered and generally a pain. This poem was the first that I wrote – I am sure I’m not the first person to prefer a dog’s company to that of another human!

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©Gill Pavey 2007
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Unwanted …

I’m mad, I’m bad, I’m naughty all round
That’s what my mum’s new boyfriend has found.
He says he can’t stand it, these games that I play
Whatever I do, I’m just in the way.
If I do something funny that might cheer him up
Like taking a drink of tea from his cup
Or hiding a shoe, his paper or tie
It results in his anguished, high pitched cry
“That dog must go! I can’t take any more!
Get rid of him now – show him the door!”

I’m mad, I’m bad, I’m naughty all round
This man is now wanting me put in the pound
He can’t stand the hairs, the mess in the place
Or the way that I’m always an inch from his face
My mum has been weeping, she loves me so much
And I love her too, with her kind gentle touch
But I can’t get around this unfeeling man
Who wishes me gone, as soon as he can
And replaced with a refined, white standard poodle
(Not a breed that’s been known to throw up dried egg noodle!)

I’m mad, I’m bad, I’m naughty all round
But I’ll have to keep more than one ear to the ground
To hear what he’s planning, a fate worse than death
To feel so unwanted I can barely draw breath
For all that I’m clowning around, I can see
This man is intent on just – dumping me!
I’m beginning to panic, it shows on my face
By tomorrow I could be away from this place
Leaving the person that I love the best
Because of her man, because I’m a “pest”…..
I’m mad, I’m bad, I’m naughty all round
But my mum thinks I’m such a wonderful hound
We now spend each day just walking and roaming,
There’s been no more talk of the pound or re-homing
I’m bouncy and lively, with such a big heart
And now we’re together, we’ll NEVER part
My days are just fun, I’m with my best friend
She’ll be with me now ‘til I get to the end
This is one friendship that’ll last and last

… The boyfriend meanwhile is a thing of the past!



Post by Gill Pavey

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