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The Wordhouse Blog is Back

pen - home pageWith the birth of the new Wordhouse website, it is time for me to ‘do my own thing’ and re-introduce the ‘Words from the House’ blog. I foresee exciting times ahead as Wordhouse arrives at year three.

Wordhouse was two years old on 1 September, and what a two years it has been.  In the client list I have ‘met’ a host of brilliant and talented people including an award-winning Spanish writer, a best-selling novelist from Scotland, an Irish sporting legend and academics from Russia, China and the Middle East. Projects have ranged from academic papers for conference to food labels and most written material in between. It’s been a lot of fun along the way and I have learned a lot of things that books – and fellow editors – don’t tell you.

There have been tough gigs: one client, a noted academic working in Malaysia, emailed me regularly at 9am local time to tell me something that needed my urgent  attention, or gave me feedback that required action. This meant setting my alarm for 2 am so I could pick up and reply to the emails without delay. That really was a time when I worked in my pyjamas.

There have been funny moments:  my biggest client, who is not a native English speaker but is a highly respected linguist, sends me texts about new jobs with clever, witty titles that have me laughing my head off. In academic papers, some of the translated material from overseas clients can contain unfortunate words, synonyms of the ‘right’ word but way off the intended meaning to the point of unintended humour.

Overall, I’ve had a great two years. With the introduction of Wordhouse’s new copywriting service to add to the already successful proofreading and copy-editing offered, I am looking forward to meeting the new clients, developing services with the existing ones and an even brighter future – here’s to the next two years!

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