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Working from home – healthy?

Working from home solves a lot of niggling irritations found when conventionally employed. No more commuting during bad weather or transport strikes, significant cost savings, no more dealing with dull meetings or the office bitch. Yes, there’s always one. On top of that, you can fit paid work around childcare, housework or any other obligation… Continue Reading

Deadline – don’t miss it!

The deadline is one of the most important aspects of a freelance gig. Completing the most wonderful piece of work, but delivering it late, is the magic wand that can make clients disappear in a flash and word gets around. A deadline for a job to be completed in a couple of hours presents fewer… Continue Reading

Freelancing—coping with the slumps

It’s always been feast or famine when you are freelancing. Whether you are under contract to publishing houses, are popular with students and indie authors or push yourself on social media, there will be times when the work dries up. It’s in the nature of freelancing that workload is uneven but for many of us,… Continue Reading

Saying no—without the drama

There are times when you have an enquiry from someone you just know you won’t like working with. It might be the attitude or tone that comes across in the emails, the wording or what the person is asking for (or not). Regular readers may remember the phone call I had one day where the… Continue Reading