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Developing your client base

There are times when your freelance business needs a little push to keep the work – and money – rolling in. Clients can be very fickle. Add to that the possibility that the contract you were working on has finished, the company has recruited for the vacancy you were covering or the person on long-term… Continue Reading

Working from home – healthy?

Working from home solves a lot of niggling irritations found when conventionally employed. No more commuting during bad weather or transport strikes, significant cost savings, no more dealing with dull meetings or the office bitch. Yes, there’s always one. On top of that, you can fit paid work around childcare, housework or any other obligation… Continue Reading

Negotiating a rate increase

Freelancers often find it difficult when negotiating a rate increase with a commercial client. The situation can arise for a number of reasons: The original contract may now be several years old and is still at the original rate. The scope or degree of difficulty of the work has changed. You now realise you were… Continue Reading

Nothing to do? What to do

When you are self-employed, there are slumps in workload from time to time when there is nothing to do. Delayed projects, changes of plan and cancelled jobs can leave you with a day or two with nothing on the schedule. So what do you do, when there’s nothing to do? You could stay in work… Continue Reading