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‘The Killing of Richard’ now on Kindle

15th August 2014

For immediate release

Wordhouse’s Gill Pavey has launched her second novel on Kindle.

‘The Killing of Richard’ is an adult novel about a bored wife, Liz, who is swept off her feet by a rich, mystery stranger. The only trouble is, she’s married to the dependable but unexciting Richard whose main passion seems to be their small cruising yacht, Cascade. After a weekend sailing with Richard across the treacherous Thames estuary she comes up with the idea of a perfect murder – but the weather and tide conditions need to be just right for it to work.

Her lover Nick is calling all the shots. He lures her into extreme sex games which, in her obsessed state of mind, she finds exciting and addictive. She becomes more indiscrete and careless, unaware that those close to her suspect she is playing away. There’s the mystery man who is watching her, her brother who comes to stay out of the blue, the work colleagues who are gossiping about her, and Richard isn’t as dumb as she thinks. Liz, trying to keep Nick sweet and anxious to move things along, is desperate to carry out the plan to get rid of Richard permanently but things just don’t go her way. When an outboard engine is dropped on her foot she is out of action with broken toes and left housebound. Then Richard decides it would be a good idea to start a family – right now. Nick is unsympathetic and starts playing it cool; she seeks his reassurance but she is beginning to realise that his attitude to her is sinister and doubts are creeping in …

Gill said ‘This genre is something different for me but the background is familiar. I am a qualified RYA Yachtmaster and have sailed 6,000 miles around the North Sea, Thames Estuary and English Channel so many of the place names and the navigation was factually correct at the time of writing. As for the rest – it’s from my imagination, although I have come across a number of men like Nick on the Internet. In a way this is a cautionary tale ladies – the grass is rarely greener on the other side!’

‘The Killing of Richard’ is available on Amazon


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