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Texting style – it’s nothing new

Texting brought in a new style of communication including highly abbreviated language and emoticons. Indeed, the Oxford Dictionary’s word for 2015 was an emoticon.* The older generation is often dismissive of this, calling it ‘not proper English’ and worse. Older people who are less used to modern technology can be perplexed when receiving what looks… Continue Reading

Nothing to do? What to do

When you are self-employed, there are slumps in workload from time to time when there is nothing to do. Delayed projects, changes of plan and cancelled jobs can leave you with a day or two with nothing on the schedule. So what do you do, when there’s nothing to do? You could stay in work… Continue Reading

US English? UK? Or Flatpack English?

You know how it is. You’ve bought a cheap bookcase that ‘just’ needs a screwdriver and ten minutes of your time to put it together. You open the box, lay out some odd-shaped pieces and find the instructions. Instructions? More like destructions. You’ve found a thin sheet of paper containing directions on how to build… Continue Reading

So where are your clients?

You’ve done the business plan, set everything up and launched your small business. In a blaze of publicity and social media fanfares, you’re all set for your new career. There’s one small problem though. Despite promises at networking events for plenty of lucrative work, you don’t actually have any clients yet. Or you went off… Continue Reading

Remembering hot wax and scalpels

My introduction to the publishing world came about when I started writing articles for sailing magazines in the 1970s. I ended up working for a water sports magazine group in London where I went by the title of layout artist/floor sweeper/proofreader and general assistant. These were pre-computer days and a man called Keith, who was… Continue Reading