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Negotiating a rate increase

Freelancers often find it difficult when negotiating a rate increase with a commercial client. The situation can arise for a number of reasons: The original contract may now be several years old and is still at the original rate. The scope or degree of difficulty of the work has changed. You now realise you were… Continue Reading

Overseas client meetings

The phrase ‘it’s who you know, not what you know’ is banded about a lot in business. It’s true that face-to face networking meetings can go a long way to getting your name out there, and making useful contacts. But what if your only contact is via email and telephone, due to distance? Wordhouse has… Continue Reading

Why an English teacher is not a proofreader

If there’s anything more frustrating than reading something that’s full of errors, it’s being told that it was proofread by ‘a friend who’s good at English’, or ‘Joe down the road who’s an English teacher’. Recently, this frustration has been escalated by seeing, on social media, the cover of a self-published book with numerous errors… Continue Reading

Intermediaries – the not-quite clients

Intermediaries are a fact of working life for many freelancers. The idea is, you potentially get more work although at a lower rate, given that the intermediary takes a cut for getting you the work. Is that all there is to consider? Probably not, if my own experience of the ups and downs of working with intermediaries… Continue Reading