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Intermediaries – the not-quite clients

Intermediaries are a fact of working life for many freelancers. The idea is, you potentially get more work although at a lower rate, given that the intermediary takes a cut for getting you the work. Is that all there is to consider? Probably not, if my own experience of the ups and downs of working with intermediaries… Continue Reading

Nothing to do? What to do

When you are self-employed, there are slumps in workload from time to time when there is nothing to do. Delayed projects, changes of plan and cancelled jobs can leave you with a day or two with nothing on the schedule. So what do you do, when there’s nothing to do? You could stay in work… Continue Reading

So where are your clients?

You’ve done the business plan, set everything up and launched your small business. In a blaze of publicity and social media fanfares, you’re all set for your new career. There’s one small problem though. Despite promises at networking events for plenty of lucrative work, you don’t actually have any clients yet. Or you went off… Continue Reading

Freelancing—coping with the slumps

It’s always been feast or famine when you are freelancing. Whether you are under contract to publishing houses, are popular with students and indie authors or push yourself on social media, there will be times when the work dries up. It’s in the nature of freelancing that workload is uneven but for many of us,… Continue Reading

Saying no—without the drama

There are times when you have an enquiry from someone you just know you won’t like working with. It might be the attitude or tone that comes across in the emails, the wording or what the person is asking for (or not). Regular readers may remember the phone call I had one day where the… Continue Reading