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Working for nothing

Any professional should, indeed must, be paid for their work and at a fair rate. I have seen adverts from newbie authors expecting to get their book copy-edited ‘for a share of the royalties’ and moved quickly on. Do these people only intend to pay their supermarket bill or their rent if and when they… Continue Reading

Women in TV adverts

It’s hardly surprising that women are perceived as simpering airheads when you look at current TV advertising in the UK. I am horrified by the daily messages that we all need to improve ourselves for the appreciation of men. Guys in advertising, take note: Women do not go into a near-orgasmic state of ecstasy when… Continue Reading

Developing your client base

There are times when your freelance business needs a little push to keep the work – and money – rolling in. Clients can be very fickle. Add to that the possibility that the contract you were working on has finished, the company has recruited for the vacancy you were covering or the person on long-term… Continue Reading

Working from home – healthy?

Working from home solves a lot of niggling irritations found when conventionally employed. No more commuting during bad weather or transport strikes, significant cost savings, no more dealing with dull meetings or the office bitch. Yes, there’s always one. On top of that, you can fit paid work around childcare, housework or any other obligation… Continue Reading

Deadline – don’t miss it!

The deadline is one of the most important aspects of a freelance gig. Completing the most wonderful piece of work, but delivering it late, is the magic wand that can make clients disappear in a flash and word gets around. A deadline for a job to be completed in a couple of hours presents fewer… Continue Reading